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Life is about the stories we tell. Every story is another page in the book of our lives.

I am a story teller. And I want to tell the story of your love ... and your wedding ... this beautiful chapter in your life ... through professional images on your wedding day.

There are no do-overs on your wedding day. That's why quality counts. And professionalism. And experience. Photography experience. And story telling experience. 

Let me tell the story of your love ... contact me to photograph your wedding.

But first, let me share with you some stories here. In words and in the images I captured. I hope they warm your heart.

                                                                                                - Tina


Monday, August 11, 2014
By Tina L. Scott
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This image was a surprise for me. It was a moment. It wasn't the image I originally started OUT to capture. I saw this little guy sitting in the window frame of the old barn and grabbed my camera. He was just hanging out and it was so cute. But he saw me raise my camera in his direction and ducked out of site, hiding around that post. I really wanted the image I saw when I grabbed my camera ... originally.

But now I absolutely love THIS image. I love the surprise element. I love the engagement with him. I love that it is totally unexpected. I love that it captures him being a bashful little boy ... which his mom says matches his personality perfectly. I love the documentary nature of it which I am really starting to explore and embrace ... versus it being a posed portrait.

I just love everything about it.

Embrace the unexpected.  It is real life.  


P.S.  I am considering offering a few "day in the life" sessions for select clients, taking a documentary approach to photographing on location in your home.  If you are interested in one of these sessions, please contact me to get on the short list.  715.212.0767 What can you expect from one of these sessions?  MOMENTS captured forever ... everyday, unposed, priceless images of your child just being a kid.  And I guarantee you will love them!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
By Tina L. Scott
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This image is a sneak peek from Sarah's recent senior session ... captured near the end of our adventure just before we ran out of light ... Beautiful!


Senior portraits are a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  At least that's how I approach them.  Only once will this person be at this particular point in their life ... on the verge of stepping out into the world and forging their own path ... at the cusp of an adventure of their own making ... ready to fly from the nest.  For some, that will mean a job after high school.  For others, it may mean college.  For others, perhaps something exotic and exciting making the world a better place ... like joining the Peace Corps.  Or perhaps going into the service ... the Army or the Marines.  See what I mean?  So many possibilities.

And every senior is unique.  They are their own person ... their own individual combination of qualities. Their personality, along with their interests, their likes and dislikes, their passions and pet peeves ... it all combines to make them who they are.  Right now.  At this stage of their life.

So when I photograph a senior, I want their senior portrait experience to be a combination of all of those things.  It's somewhat planned ... as we start out with ideas and outfits we decided on in our portrait planning session.  It incorporates the things that senior is excited or passionate about in his or her life.  But it's also an adventure.  We go from place to place in outdoor sessions.  We explore along the way and find little out-of-the-way places ... sometimes right in the middle of a busy, thriving downtown ... but nonetheless, we grab a little slice of life and use it to create an incredible image that will document our journey together and tell something about them.  

The image might showcase an interest ... or a mood ... or a quirk of their personality.  It could be about any little thing ... or perhaps nothing at all.  It might be a moment ... or a secret joke ... or representative of something much bigger and broader. 

But when we are done, it is part of the essence of who that senior is.

Every session is different.  Every session is unique in ways that it are difficult to describe in words.  But the pictures tell the story.  And that's how it should be.

Telling the story of who you are at this point in your life ... that's what senior portraits at Photography by Tina are all about!  That's why I do what I do.  Because your story matters.  

Call me!  Let's tell your story ... and let's have an adventure while we do it!