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Life is about the stories we tell. Every story is another page in the book of our lives.

I am a story teller. And I want to tell the story of your love ... and your wedding ... this beautiful chapter in your life ... through professional images on your wedding day.

There are no do-overs on your wedding day. That's why quality counts. And professionalism. And experience. Photography experience. And story telling experience. 

Let me tell the story of your love ... contact me to photograph your wedding.

But first, let me share with you some stories here. In words and in the images I captured. I hope they warm your heart.

                                                                                                - Tina


Friday, March 07, 2014
By Tina L. Scott
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I think there is a little part of me that believes if I live and breathe and talk about senior portraits, then this snow will MELT and spring will actually get here … that we will start SEEING robins in the yard and tulips and daffodils peeking out of receding snowbanks … and then finally we will have GREEN GRASS!  I’m sure you can relate, right? 

Oh, we Wisconsinites are tough cookies … we brave these subzero temperatures and windchills of 40 degrees below zero and all this snow.  But this year has been something ELSE!  We’ve broken winter records all over the place … becoming the coldest winter on record in more than 100 years, having the most below zero temps on record since the winter of 1916/1917, getting the most snow for a winter (December-January-February) on record with a total of 64.5 inches of snow (and it ain’t over yet!), and having an AVERAGE winter temperature of just 7.7 bone-chilling degrees (Celsius, so for you folks on the Metric method of measurement, that’s BELOW freezing.  Way below.).

So I don’t think any of you can blame me for dreaming … and I’ll bet I’m not alone in this … as visions of summer fill my senses (yes, I’m leaping straight from spring to summer because it’s bound to be a short spring this year anyway, right?).  I can almost FEEL the sun baking down on my back as I sit at my patio table outside watching Lily play on the grass … and SMELL fresh mowed grass from one neighbor mowing his yard co-mingled with the smell of something cooking on the grill for dinner … and SEE the beautiful vivid colors of grass and flowers in the yard … and HEAR the laughter of children playing in the neighborhood and the barking of our neighbor dogs as they come loping over for a pet and a sniff to see if there will be any treats from the grill for them … and TASTE the piece of buttery grilled chicken skin I just swiped from off the grill as it cooks and the glass of homemade wine in my hand.

Doesn’t it FEEL REAL to you, too?  So anyway … I’m gonna do it.  I’m going to focus on senior portraits and PLAN for warmer weather!  So stay tuned for some awesome posts introducing you to each of my senior models over the next few weeks … as we get ready to JUMP RIGHT INTO SUMMER!!!!



Thursday, February 27, 2014
By Tina L. Scott
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Looking outside right now it's hard to imagine spring and summer will ever get here!  Mounds of snow blanket every surface, the windchills continue to persist at nasty subzero temperatures, and the sunshine is little more than a deceptive tease of warm days to come.  But it's true.  Graduation at Merrill High School is exactly 13 weeks from tomorrow.  

So, despite the refusal of winter to give us a reprieve at present, we've got to be planning ahead.  That means it's time to order graduation photo announcements for the Class of 2014, graduation party announcements, extra wallet photos for exchanging with friends before they all scatter for the summer and then head off to college, and any other gift items or orders you've been procrastinating.

Before we can blink, the grass really will be green and ready for mowing, the mosquitos will be back and buzzing in our ears, and the Class of 2014 will officially be high school graduates!

I hate to rush the year along, but I really can't wait for this winter to give way to those warmer temperatures, can you?

Meanwhile, don't forget to get your orders in during this cold snap so we can all enjoy the budding flowers, warm breezes, and the sun on our shoulders when Mother Nature finally turns her thoughts to things of spring!  I can't wait to throw off these layers and head outdoors when the opportunity arises.

Until then, bundle up, cause it's cold out there!  Windchills are expected to get down to around -30 degrees Celcius again here tomorrow morning.


P.S. I can't wait to shed these wool socks for bare feet and flip flops!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014
By Tina L. Scott
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Valentine's Day is all about love ... So I thought it was the perfect occasion to celebrate some of the images I love ... the best of the best from 2013.  (And also the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and get current on my blog!  I intended for the "best of 2013" images to be shared right after the New Year, but life had other ideas.  Now I'm recommitting to regular blog updates!)

It was a lot harder than I thought to select the top images from 2013!  I wanted to share one outstanding favorite image from each of my specialty areas:  Weddings, Newborns, High School Seniors, and Pets ... but I found it pretty much impossible to pick just one in each category.  I actually considered it quite an accomplishment to narrow it down to my top 17... 



This first favorite is absolutely appropriate for Valentine's Day because it's all about love!  The love and excitement of a wedding!  I picked this image because it really captured the fun and personalities of the bride and groom and the entire bridal party!  What a fun wedding to photograph!  Even the expressions on "the littles" as I call them (the miniature bride and groom) are priceless as they tried to figure out what was going on when I said, "Guys, dip your partner!"

Okay, I have to admit it ... several contenders for favorite images of 2013 were from this particular wedding.  This bridal party was just so much FUN!  And the bride and groom were so in love!  What's not to love about this image, right?

Taking a few minutes for a tender moment in the middle of a busy wedding day ... and capturing it for a lifetime.  To me personally, that makes for the most incredible images!  That's one of the reasons I love to photograph weddings ... I want to make sure couples have those meaningful, powerful images to remember their day and the depth of their love, even when they are experiencing the difficulties life will bring them down the road ... because those images will help them get through the tough times.

I think both of the last two wedding images, while very different from each other, are reflective of the relationships of the respective brides and grooms in these images.  The smiles on Jessica and Tyler's faces as they look into each other's eyes speak volumes.  And though there is no eye contact in the image directly above, there is a volume of emotion flowing between Sierra and Floyd in this image that really gives credence to the phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words."


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes ... BABIES!  I absolutely adore photographing newborns!  There's almost nothing else I'd rather do.  My clients can't have new babies fast enough to keep up with my need for a new baby "fix"!  I had a really, really hard time narrowing down my favorite newborn images.  And since I recently photographed several new babies within the last few weeks, I was sorely tempted to sneak in some images of those little newborns ... BUT I had to stick to my "best of 2013" theme.  (I'm betting some of those recent newborn images will find their way into the "best of 2014" this time next year, though!) (Every time I photograph a new baby, I end up with new favorites!)

This image of Chelsea, taken when she was just four days old, is the absolute definition of the word innocence.  This image reminds me of an angel sleeping on a cloud.  I almost expect to see tiny cherub wings peaking out from behind!  

This little guy's image melted my heart because it looks like he has his hands folded in prayer.  Need I say more?

Who could resist?  I absolutely had to include this image of Hunter as one of my favorites of 2013.  Obviously inspired by Christmas (which is, after all, inspired by the birth of a baby!), this image was taken when Hunter was just six days old.  

This image of Hunter and his daddy were taken when Hunter was only three days old.  It positively melts my heart ... in part because I watched his daddy grow up from the little blonde-haired boy who would knock on my front door to see if my son, David, could come out to play .. to become the awesome young man he is today ... and in part because there is just something that goes beyond words when you see a father hold his newborn son in his arms.  (Also, I'm a sucker for those long eyelashes!)  


It's a natural progression to go from newborn babies to puppies!  

If those eyes don't tug at your heartstrings, you're a pretty tough nut to crack.  Puppy eyes are just about as priceless to me as newborn baby toes.  They just make me smile and say "Awww" every single time.  Little Axle was just weeks old when we did this photo shoot.  Needless to say, he's grown tremendously since this image was taken, but his "Mama" will always have priceless puppy images to treasure the fleeting moments of puppyhood.

They definitely don't stay puppies for long!  No, this is not the same dog. This is Cinder, a shelter rescue dog who now has a forever home with a wonderful family here in Merrill ... and a heroine who saved that family from a fire when she sniffed out hot ashes the family thought were cold.  She saved Greg and Jeni Hinz from tragedy and quickly went from being a foster dog in their home to being christened "Cinder" and becoming a permanent and irreplaceable member of their family.

This favorite image of Cinder was taken during a photo shoot to create a portrait for entry into the 2014 Lincoln County Humane Society calendar contest, a charity event I have supported for the last two years. 

High School Seniors

Seniors are awesome!  I love spending my summer days and evenings photographing seniors.  They have so many interests and ideas, they're almost always up for any crazy ideas I can come up with and frequently come up with their own, and they're so much fun!

Holli is a beautiful young woman who is absolutely full of life in every way!  Her senior photo shoot was an adventure with lots of unique locations and so many great images, it was hard to pick just one favorite!  This image is stunning and takes full advantage of the golden moments just before sunset.  To capture this image, I am photographing Holli from my vantage point in a rowboat in the middle of the river, so I think I love this image every bit as much for the memory of the adventure we had together to create it as the gorgeous image that was the end result!

Dylan's senior photo shoot was another adventure-filled session.  My assistant will well remember scaling pasture gates, finessing sometimes temperamental horses, and boony-crashing through brush and weeds almost taller than we were as we ventured through pastures and wooded areas to capture some awesome images in very out-of-the-way locations.  This particular image was captured at the end of our session at a much less adventurous location where we were able to take full advantage of his Grandpa's very cool car as an incredible prop!  I love the angle, the car, and the memories that will forever be a part of this image.  (And I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have been allowed to take this car into any of the aforementioned boony-crashing locations!)

Daniel's senior photo shoot gave us the perfect opportunity to explore a gorgeous old barn and get some great shots that captured the character of the location and the style and personality of the young man at the same time.  This was one of several locations we utilized for his senior portrait session and probably my personal favorite spot.  I absolutely love old barns.  So this location was right up my alley.  And truthfully, I love all the "kids" in Daniel's family ... a term I use very loosely in this case since I photographed most of their senior portraits, Daniel is the youngest, and none of them are kids anymore.  

Ashley's smile just radiates from this portrait!  Like the other favorite senior portraits from this year, I absolutely enjoyed every minute of our adventure to capture images in locations that spoke to Ashley's personality and expressed who she is at this point in her life.  From cornfields to the courthouse, area parks to flower-filled ditches, utilizing fields and fences and in-studio backgrounds and whatever else called out to our creativity, Ashley and her mom and I had a ton of fun exploring and creating incredible portraits that showcase who Ashley is right now and the beautiful young woman she is becoming.  

The eyes absolutely have it in this portrait of Brooke.  Every time I see it, a single word comes to mind:  Stunning!  I could say lots of wonderful things about working with Brooke and her senior photo shoot, but honestly, I think this one just speaks for itself.

Giving Back ...

I couldn't create a "best of 2013" blog post without also sharing some of my favorite images from my work with two of my other favorite charities, the Gold Hope Project and Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep ...

This image was taken as part of a two-part portrait session for the Gold Hope Project, an organization comprised of volunteer photographers who photograph children battling childhood cancer at no charge to their families.  Three-year-old Luke was diagnosed with cancer in May 2013 and is an absolute inspiration to me.  He loves Thomas the Tank Engine, so we made his session all about Thomas and trains ... including in-studio images with a Thomas the Tank engine ride-on toy, playing with a Thomas train set, reading Thomas stories with his Mom and Dad and brothers ... images on location at a replica train depot ... and images on location at a favorite train-themed restaurant in Door County.  His beaming face in this image is a testament to Luke's determination to fight this cancer and the true beauty of his spirit!

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Anyone who has been following my photography for more than a short while knows I am a passionate volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS), an organization that provides the gift of remembrance photography to families suffering the loss of a baby.  I've completed more than 40 sessions since I began volunteering as a photographer for NILMDTS in 2008.  The images I create are a free gift to the families I meet during this very sad time ... but sometimes a parent wants to share the images of their child with the rest of the world and I am blessed to be invited to share them with others, as well.  This was one such image, and I am very grateful to this little angel's mother and family for allowing me to share it here, as well.  

This image of little Carter is just powerful.  Carter's time with his family was far too short, but he will never be forgotten.  He will always be a part of their lives and their family and in their hearts.  This is what the images I create for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep mean for the families.  They are a powerful testimony to the fact that their child was here, for however brief a time, and that this child mattered as only a precious human life can, despite the fact that it was far too short and their dreams for this child were abruptly shattered.  These images will live on forever.

A Year of My Life

We are yet in the early weeks of 2014.  Another year has come and gone.  In review, these images in large part represent a year in my life ... showcasing many of the things that matter most to me ... highlighting some of the people who have touched me deeply ... blessing me with a chance to make a difference ... demonstrating that images really can do something deep and meaningful and powerful:  they can capture a moment and freeze it in time, making it possible to relive that moment over and over again, and they are proof that it really is possible to capture love in an image and share that feeling with the world. These images portray some of the love I saw in my world this year.







Thursday, March 21, 2013
By Tina L. Scott
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"One picture is worth a thousand words.  Four portraits tell a story."  - Tina L. Scott



Wednesday, March 20, 2013
By Tina L. Scott
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Insecurities will get you nowhere.  And yet ... we all have them.  Sometimes it is just the weather or the day or our weight or the way we get out of bed in the morning, but we feel out of sorts and we make ourselves feel insecure.  Yes, that's right.  We make ourselves feel insecure.  Because we really do do it to ourselves!  How do we do it?  Oh, in countless different ways!  But one of the easiest and quickest ways to make yourself feel insecure is to compare yourself to others.  

You might compare yourself to other girls in your class and think they are thinner or prettier or smarter than you.  You might compare yourself to other moms and think they are balancing all their kids' demands and activities and responsibilities better than you.  You might compare yourself to other players on your team--or on the opposing team--and think that you'll never be that good.  

Regardless of who you're comparing yourself to ... or what specifically you're comparing yourself to them about ... the result is usually the same.  You feel insecure.  You lose your self-confidence.  You start to doubt yourself and what you believe.  You may even feel like a failure.


Why do we compare ourselves to others?  Did you know that everyone in this world is totally unique?  Yes, even if you have a twin, each of us has a unique combination of DNA, fingerprints, mitrochondria, and God-given gifts and talents ... all packaged in a way that no one else can ever quite duplicate!  And we're supposed to be that way!  What a boring world it would be if we were all alike ... all marching around like little tin soldiers or clones of one another.

You've got something no one else has!  Your goal should be NOT to compare yourself with others, but to look within, discover those unique attributes, and go out and be the best YOU that you can be!  Don't waste time worrying about what everyone else is doing.  You're not supposed to be doing exactly what they are doing.

You're supposed to be doing what you're supposed to be doing ... what you are good at ... the thing that is unique and makes you you and that no one else can do.

When you discover what that is, embrace it, celebrate it, and do it!

God only made one YOU!  Love the YOU you are and be the best YOU you can be!

Self-confidence comes shining through in your images ... When you have confidence in who you are ... is just SHOWS!


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