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Life is about the stories we tell. Every story is another page in the book of our lives.

I am a story teller. And I want to tell the story of your love ... and your wedding ... this beautiful chapter in your life ... through professional images on your wedding day.

There are no do-overs on your wedding day. That's why quality counts. And professionalism. And experience. Photography experience. And story telling experience. 

Let me tell the story of your love ... contact me to photograph your wedding.

But first, let me share with you some stories here. In words and in the images I captured. I hope they warm your heart.

                                                                                                - Tina


Saturday, March 19, 2016
By Tina L. Scott
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I know that blog posts are supposed to be key to marketing my photography. So why don't I post more often? Is it because I have nothing going on, nothing to say? More like the opposite! I'm swamped with all of the things I am doing in my life! Is it because I hate to write or am not a good writer? Nope. Not that either. In fact, I've written and edited books, magazine and newspaper articles, and entire magazines and I really love writing! So what's my real reason? Well, um ... here's a secret:  I'm a procrastinator. There.  I said it.  (Yes, I know. My husband could have told you this long ago. Let's not go there.) 

I don't procrastinate on everything. But I do procrastinate on things that I feel like I should be doing versus what I currently want to be doing. Take right now, for instance. I'm supposed to be finishing my paperwork for my accountant to get my taxes done. If not that, then I have another pile of things on my desk that I should be doing. And the kitchen floor needs mopping. And there's laundry. And ... well, you get the idea. 

So what am I doing? Well, actually, I am watching HGTV and watching them remodel all these houses into amazing and beautiful well-organized masterpieces and bemoaning the fact that my house is kind of an unorganized disaster (yes, the studio, too). And I was simultaneously going through my email inbox and getting rid of some stuff (so essential, I know!). And while doing that I came across some info from a marketer I respect who emphasized how I need to be blogging at least once a week whether I want to or not and challenged me to do that. Every week. For 52 weeks out of the year. And I'm thinking, Yes, I really should be doing that. And I wonder how long I could do that before I slip up and skip a week and then it's months before I blog again? 

But since I am actually supposed to be doing something else, to write a blog write now sounds like more fun. So here I am.

The marketing experts tell me I don't need to blog about photography sessions all of the time. That I can write other interesting things. But I never know what people want to actually read about. So what do I write about? And I like to include photos in my blog ... cause after all, I am a photographer, so isn't that the whole point? But sometimes I don't know what to photograph to go with a non-photography-related topic. So anyway ... this will be a work in progress.

But just starting this first blog without any photographs made me realize I needed some photographs to go with it. And since I kind of love photography, I stopped typing, picked up my camera, and went out to shoot a few random things in my world in search of inspiration. I photographed my chaotic desk:  Great illustration for this post, don't you think? It kind of makes my point.

Then, since the sun was shining and I just admitted to procrastinating ... I procrastinated my way out the front door with my camera in hand with the idea that I would shoot some "signs of spring" images in my own yard. Lo and behold, my go-to bunch of purple crocus must have decided not to come up this year. Nothing there. The tulips were coming up, though, and the beginning of my bleeding heart bush was beginning to emerge in the flower bed, so I got a few images of that. Snapped a few photos of my maple tree budding out. In between there I got one image of our friendly neighbor's dog running at me to come and give me some loving, right before she loved me right off balance (I was squatting down to shoot those tulips) and I fell on my butt. LOL

Then I noticed some friends of ours who live down the street zipping back and forth and around the block on their motorbikes and mopeds enjoying the gorgeous spring day, and I had my camera out at just the right time to get a great shot of one of our favorite neighbors, Steve, a/k/a "Papa Mahn" zipping by.  I decided that was the winning shot for the day and it was a wrap.

What is the moral of this blog? I don't think I really came up with one, but I did learn this. Procrastination isn't always a bad thing when it lends itself to having a moment of creative photography fun in the middle of what could have been a very boring afternoon preparing tax paperwork. And opportunities for cool images are all around us if we just open our eyes to see them. And finally, I can write a blog post even when I don't think I really have anything cool and exciting to share. So let's see if this can be the first blog post I write in a string of one each week, and let's hope I can follow through on my intent to do that for an entire year!

Happy Spring!

Now back to working on my tax paperwork, I guess. Ugh!


Tuesday, December 15, 2015
By Tina L. Scott
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Two stories speak to me from these images ... the magical storybook narrative I could write from them ... of a little girl in a log cabin discovering Santa arriving with presents, then playing and dancing with him, before she tires and he tucks her into bed before disappearing back up the chimney.

... And the story of a little girl getting her portraits taken with Santa ... she on his lap ... the traditional thing.  And then, when it was done, that little girl asking Santa if he would play trains with her.  And so he did.  He got down on all fours and played trains.  And then she said, "Santa, wanna dance with me?" and he said, "Sure!" ... she told me to turn on the music and turn it up LOUD, and then she showed Santa her best dance moves and told him to do what she did.  And he did.  And they had so much fun.


Then that little girl got playful with Santa and told him, "I'm gonna get you, Santa!" as she came up behind him laughing. Joyously that Santa picked her up and that little girl snatched the hat from the top of his head ... And she laughed and laughed and then put it back on his head in a somewhat haphazard fashion.  Silliness.  Playfulness.  Fun.  Magic.

And then the little girl was tired, and she wanted to lay down on that little chaise in the studio.  And she was cold, so she wanted a blanket.  And Santa got her one, and tucked her in ... on the chaise, and in that special place he holds for her in his heart.  

And memories were made ... for Lily and for Santa ... and forever.  And I was so blessed to be the photographer who kept on shooting and captured some of that magic in these images.  

Love & Blessings to you all this Christmas!


P.S.  As I am writing this, I just looked up to see the snow beginning to fall here.  Perhaps there is hope for a white Christmas here after all.  That snow lasted only minutes, but we shall see ... With Christmas magic, anything is possible!