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Life is about the stories we tell. Every story is another page in the book of our lives.

I am a story teller. And I want to tell the story of your love ... and your wedding ... this beautiful chapter in your life ... through professional images on your wedding day.

There are no do-overs on your wedding day. That's why quality counts. And professionalism. And experience. Photography experience. And story telling experience. 

Let me tell the story of your love ... contact me to photograph your wedding.

But first, let me share with you some stories here. In words and in the images I captured. I hope they warm your heart.

                                                                                                - Tina


Saturday, February 07, 2015
By Tina L. Scott
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Josiah Patrick Hoerter, age 2 (he would have been 3 in a few months on May 21), passed away this morning at 8:04 a.m.  (The photo above shows Josiah with his family.  Top row L to R:  Micah, Patrick, and Destiny. Lower row L to R:  Jasmine, Isaiah, and Josiah)  His family celebrated that he is now in the loving arms of Jesus where he will never know another moment's pain. They rejoice for his gain. They cry for their loss. I cry with them ... for their heartbreak.

Josiah's life wasn't an easy one. Born with a condition called MECP2 Duplication Syndrome, his family knew he had a shorter than average life expectancy, but only recently did they learn how very short his life would be. To try to explain to you in words what this family has gone through ... the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs ... is impossible. I will let them share their story with you in their own words ... through the blog posts Josiah's mother has written and shared with the world.  I will include the links below.  

What I will tell you is this:  Josiah and his family have been a remarkable testimony to faith. A remarkable witness for Jesus Christ. A living and breathing example of how we should live our lives. Through all they have endured, they have called upon their faith. God got them through it. Along the way He provided doctors, nurses, aides, friends, family, church members, and even strangers to help them walk the path He set out before them.  

There have been tears to be sure. No one can be strong all the time. The Bible says even Jesus wept.  

But there have been many smiles and much laughter all along the way. There has been joy, not the least of which was from the knowledge that their dear Josiah would get to meet and live with Jesus forever. Even when they knew with certainty he would die within just days, they chose to celebrate Josiah's life.

I will not try to recount Josiah's story here. I could not do it justice.  Rather, I will share with you images I created of this family, in their home, this past Tuesday evening ... images of Josiah with his mom, Destiny, and his dad, Patrick ... with his siblings, Jasmine (almost 5 years old), Isaiah (age 3 1/2), and Micah (an adorable little 1 1/2-year-old who loves to ham it up for the camera). They are images of a family spending an evening at home together as a family, with friends and members of their church coming and going to help them during this difficult time ... images of one of their last evenings together with Josiah. I will let those images speak to you and to your heart.

And I will share one other thing that touched my heart deeply. I will tell you what this family did on Wednesday evening, just shortly after Josiah's IVs and other tubes were disconnected. They held Josiah, surrounded by family and friends, and sang to him ... with a birthday cake covered in candles ... his very favorite song, "Jesus Loves Me" ... and they celebrated his life with him. This video was shared on Facebook. I am not ashamed to tell you I bawled like a baby watching it, and I still cannot watch it without crying.

Through it all, Josiah's parents will tell you God is good. All the time. All the time, God is good. They know their precious Josiah ... JoJo to many who loved him ... touched many lives in ways that many people do not do in 90 or 100 years of life. They know their son was a precious gift from God entrusted to them for just a short time, and they were blessed and honored to receive this gift and to share it with the rest of the world.

Please join me in praying for the Hoerter family for peace and healing. Please join me in celebrating the life of Josiah Patrick Hoerter. Our world will be a sadder place for having lost his joyous smile. But our loss is heaven's gain.

Love & Blessings! Tonight, hold your children extra tight. Tell them how much you love them. Cherish them every single moment.


Click on these links to read the story of the Hoerter family's journey with Josiah in his mother's own words: ... January 22, 2015 blog ... January 29, 2015 blog ... January 30, 2015 blog

And if you can, please help the family with a small donation they will use for funeral and other expenses:   



Friday, August 29, 2014
By Tina L. Scott
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Every now and again, if we keep our minds and hearts open to it and our eyes open to see it, God gives us a miracle.


Cordelia Mae is a miracle baby ... one doctors predicted wouldn't live beyond birth. But yesterday she turned two weeks old and is home with her family surrounded by love and adored by everyone who meets her.



It was my honor to be invited into the home of this family this week, to photograph part of one day in the life of this very thankful and very happy family ... a family blessed by the miracle they and so many who loved them prayed for.  


Yes, you will see toys on the floor. You will see a basket of unfolded laundry. You will see odd things lying about. I told them not to move a thing. Their home is lived in and loved in. I wanted this session to be real. Real life.  





Because when you are celebrating a miracle, every day and every minute counts, and life is too short to worry about having a perfect house! I photographed this family the way life really is and told them not to change a thing because I was coming. I told them to do what they always do, and in many cases to pretend I wasn't even there. 

This was a documentary "day in the life" opportunity ... a chance to capture the little moments in the joy of everyday life ... a life Abby and William have built together over the last 10 years ... a life filled with the laughter and giggles of 5-year-old Auden and 3-year-old Oliver ... and now a life filled with the joy and challenges of their miracle, Cordelia, coming home with them.  


This was all about capturing images of life the way it really is for this very special family and celebrating every blessed minute of it ... without apology to anyone ... because, after all, this--Family, Love, Miracles, and Celebrating them and being Thankful for them--is what life is really all about!


I hope they find as much joy in looking at these images ... and the rest of the images they will receive from our time together ... as I did creating them. For me, this was a magical morning filled with reminders of the miracles all around us every day ... and it was such a wonder to be a part of their lives even for a short time!




P.S.  Yes, we did take a few more "posed" images for their family album, as well.  But not your typical forced "perfect" pictures ... a more relaxed, fun approach to real life.