Christian ... Country ... Celebration: Katelyn & Keith's Wedding
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Thursday, August 17, 2017
By Tina L. Scott
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It was a beautiful July day in 2016 ... July 30 to be exact ... on a farm outside of Shawano, Wisconsin. The long awaited wedding day of Katelyn Teetzen and Keith Jashinsky was here.

The corn was tall, the fields were lush, the mason jars were filled with wildflowers ... the arch was ready, the Bible was open, the bride was beautiful ... 

Behind the scenes I was capturing the details of the bridesmaids helping Katelyn get dressed in the tent outside ... 

And emotions were running high ... for the bride and her bridesmaids, and mothers of the both the bride and the groom (Michelle and Donna) ...

The couple stood on opposite sides of a large tree where they couldn't see each other, but I could see them, reading letters they had written to each other to be read right before the ceremony. Emotions were running high here, too, for both Katelyn & Keith ... and also for the moms who were looking on from a distance. Then the bride's godfather and officiant for the ceremony, Pastor David Johnson, led the couple in prayer with the moms on either side ... and yes, Keith wiped away a few tears, too! It was definitely a day to keep the tissues handy!

By the time Katelyn's father, Bruce, walked her down the "aisle" of this beautiful outdoor ceremony and presented her to Keith, many women were thanking God for waterproof mascara in addition to the gorgeous weather and the blessings of this day!

It was a beautiful thing to see these two families coming together ... in faith and in love ... in the union of Katelyn & Keith.

"Oh, blest that house; it prospers well. In peace and joy the parents dwell, And in their children's lives is shown How richly God can bless His own." *

The bride and groom were definitely the stars of the show, but if this show had a co-star, it would have to be this little cutie, Claire ... the sweet little one Katelyn has known and cared for nearly all her life! Who could resist this adorable cuteness?

This farm was the perfect setting for a wedding ... and the romantic images that followed. Lots of little places where newlyweds can steal a kiss!

Then we were off to Shawano for a few images of Keith & Katelyn near the water ... and within walking distance from the couple's new home.

A few of my favorite details from this wedding ... in addition to all the mason jars and wildflowers, LOVE the use of the vintage dresser as a side table for the ceremony ... and always love Willow Tree figurines ... what a sweet cake topper this Willow Tree couple makes. So simple. So elegant. So them. 

The dance was held in a shed on property rather than the barn "proper" but with the addition of lights, lanterns, and a dance floor, it became an enchanting place for the couple's first dance!

A sunset walk hand in hand is just about the perfect end to a beautiful day for Mr. and Mrs. Keith & Katelyn Jashinsky!

* "Oh, Blest the House, Whate'er Befall" by Christoph C. L. von Pfeil, 1712-1784, Translated by Catherine Winkworth, 1829-1878

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