A New Year's Eve Wedding
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Wednesday, August 09, 2017
By Tina L. Scott
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What do you think of when you think of New Year's Eve? The ball dropping in Times Square in New York. Dick Clark. Party hats and balloons and streamers. Counting down the final seconds of one year ... out with the old ... and the cheers and joy of welcoming in a new year and all the promise that offers ... in with the new.

With the exception of Dick Clark and Times Square, Amber (Kottke) and Jacob Riemer had all of that and more on New Year's Eve 2016. They also had the love of family and friends surrounding them as they became husband and wife that day. Of course, we had to create an incredible image of the moment time transitioned from 2016 to 2017 at midnight and in the moments that followed ... this is one of those images where the story really can be told in a single iconic image.

But Amber & Jacob's story ... and the story of their love evidenced on their wedding day ... started long before midnight.

I met up with Amber and her bridesmaids at the 20th century farmhouse in Athens that Amber & Jacob purchased from Amber's maternal grandparents and are now making their own. It was the perfect place to capture pre-wedding emotions, getting ready photos, and some of the details of their home (which is also where they had their engagement photo shoot), especially with the family history of this place. It was also a beautiful setting for Amber's Dad, Kent's "first look" at his only daughter in her wedding gown! 

Holy Family Catholic Church in Poniatowski, Wisconsin, was the perfect setting for Amber & Jacob's wedding ceremony ... in so many ways! All the beautiful decorations from the Christmas season created a magical glow. And since this was my home church ... where I made my First Communion and Confirmation and have many other beautiful memories from my childhood, teen years, and early adult years ... it was extra special to me, too! I was truly blessed to be asked to photograph Amber & Jacob's wedding here!

After the ceremony, we returned to the farm property to create some special images of the newlyweds. One of my favorites is the intimate image created in the natural light in their living room in the very spot where hours earlier Amber's mom, Laura, had helped her into her wedding gown and veil as Amber Kottke. Now she was back in this same spot as Mrs. Jacob Riemer ... bathed in beautiful wraparound light and the glow of their love for one another. What a beautiful moment.


Other favorites include the American Gothic inspired image of the newlyweds on their front porch with a pitchfork and the images of Jacob carrying his bride over the threshold of their home!

Who could resist outdoor images in the snow on such a gorgeous winter day?! Not me! And not these newlyweds with their awesome, fun bridal party either! We had a blast with seasonally inspired images ... like mistletoe ... and just playing in the snow! Yes ... it was definitely freezing out ... (I kept saying, "Imagine yourself somewhere tropical and HOT!) ... but this is what you call freezing for a reason!

Then it was off to the reception, dinner, and dance ... at Rib River Ballroom in Marathon on the banks of the Big Rib River ... but before ducking into the hall for their grand entrance, we had to take advantage of one more photo opp! Photos in front of this amazing ice sculpture ... which the couple explained was created by local fire trucks emptying their water on the banks of the river. How cool is that?

And then glitter! Gotta love me some glitter! Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! Everyone loved the sparkle effect, although Jacob could have done without the glitter flying up into his eye! LOL (Remember that if you try to do an image like this!)

A hundred little details came together to create the perfect setting for a New Year's Eve wedding at this hall ... and I'd consider myself remiss if I didn't create images capturing the imagination, creativity, and sparkle of this New Year's Eve evening evidenced by so many of the little details that turned this space into a magical place! I hope you enjoy all the attention to detail as much as I did.


The rest of this New Year's Eve followed in a whirlwind ... with a delicious dinner (chicken, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and more!) that lived up to Rib River's reputation for excellent hearty food ... drinks ... dancing ... friends ... family ... and culminated in a countdown to midnight, a balloon drop, hats, noisemakers, kisses & hugs, and lots of resolutions to have an amazing new year ... and the iconic New Year's Eve wedding image I shared with you at the beginning of this blog. 

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob & Amber Riemer ... Wishing you many, many New Year's Eves together as husband and wife, and a lifetime filled with sparkle and love!

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Amber Riemer - LOVE this! ❤ so many things I never thought of like taking a picture in the living room as Kottke and then again in the same spot as Riemer! Thank you again Tina for such an amazing job!