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Life is about the stories we tell. Every story is another page in the book of our lives.

I am a story teller. And I want to tell the story of your love ... and your wedding ... this beautiful chapter in your life ... through professional images on your wedding day.

There are no do-overs on your wedding day. That's why quality counts. And professionalism. And experience. Photography experience. And story telling experience. 

Let me tell the story of your love ... contact me to photograph your wedding.

But first, let me share with you some stories here. In words and in the images I captured. I hope they warm your heart.

                                                                                                - Tina


Saturday, August 26, 2017
By Tina L. Scott
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"For Better, For Worse ... In Sunshine and In Rain ..."

The vows didn't say that, of course. But they could have. Kaytlyn Burnett and Brandon Morford were wed on May 31, 2016, in the bright light of the sun and shortly after were showered with raindrops from above. What a perfect metaphor for life, for love, ... and for marriage. 

And to have both on your wedding day ... well, what an opportunity for some beautiful images!

First, the sunlight shone through the window at the Grand Lodge Waterpark Resort in Rothschild where the bride and her attendants were getting ready.

And it shone down on the groom and his attendants as they waited in those final moments ...

And then it was time. In the company of family and close friends, Rev. Missy Holdorf joined these two young hearts and lives, Kaytlyn and Brandon, and the two became one. 

To symbolize the blending of their two lives, the couple poured two colors of sand into one jar, demonstrating how this ceremony would join their lives together ... 

And then they became Mr. and Mrs. Kaytlyn and Brandon Morford! It was sealed with a kiss. The sun was bright and beautiful, and glowing on both of their faces.

The cake was cut, the bouquet was tossed, the license was signed ...

And then, a little rain cloud drifted in from nowhere and showered the newlyweds ... what a beautiful moment. Into each life, a little rain must fall. And sometimes on wedding days, too. But it doesn't have to dampen anyone's spirits. In fact, sometimes it just might be ... the perfect time to just live in the moment and steal a little kiss ... and so it was for Mr. and Mrs. Kaytlyn and Brandon Morford!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
By Tina L. Scott
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I chose elegant ... fun ... and stunning as adjectives to describe the Stevens Point wedding of Brooke Hartwig to Mark O'Keefe because those were the words that kept coming to mind as I photographed them on July 16 in 2016. The bride's gown, veil, and jewelry and those images of her with her bridesmaids and her mother ... simply elegant.

The groom didn't get to see his bride until she walked up the aisle, but the father's "first look" at his daughter in her wedding dress brought tears to the eyes of everyone watching.

The bridesmaids were fun in their coordinating flannel shirts (can we say "attitude" ladies?) ... and elegant without them. 

The groomsmen were a fun bunch, too ... and a little horsing around always makes for fun shots!

Then it was the moment everyone was waiting for ... when Tony walked his little girl down the aisle and presented her to Mark, her husband to be. Lives changed. Hearts expanded. And two became one.

The architecture and details at Holy Spirit Catholic Parish in Stevens Point were stunning. What a beautiful church ... perfect for a beautiful wedding day in every way!

Then it was onto the party bus for some fun! This group was full of laughter ... although the drinks in their hands and some attempts at dancing using that pole may have had something to do with that!

We traveled to scenic Iverson Park where we had a lot of laughs and created some fun images, including one softball image Brooke did just for her Dad ... and some stunning images, too. The walking paths and bridges there are a photographer's dream ... and a dream-come-true for images of the bride and groom! 

One of my favorite images is Mark dipping Brooke. A groomsmen inadvertently photo-bombed this shot, and I could have removed him from the photo in post-production, but the couple and I decided it was actually more fun to leave him in the image!

We were granted access to some of the most beautiful areas of the golf course at Sentry World in Stevens Point ... again, stunning is my word of the day.

Cutting the cake, the bride cutting it up with her girls "Hodag style," and lots of kissing meant there were opportunities for fun photos even during the dinner. Speeches, clinking glasses, and laughter brought both sides of the new O'Keefe family and all of their friends together in one common purpose:  to celebrate in style. 

Details, details, details!

Time for the first dance as husband and wife ... elegant!

The venue's architecture made for some stunning images ... but what could be more beautiful than romantic images in the moonlight? I hope these two will be as blissfully happy 50 years from now as they were on this, the evening of their wedding day. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Brooke O'Keefe!!

Brooke and Mark recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary. The story of their love lives on ... in the images of their wedding day, and in the love they show each other every day of their married lives together!

Thursday, August 17, 2017
By Tina L. Scott
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It was a beautiful July day in 2016 ... July 30 to be exact ... on a farm outside of Shawano, Wisconsin. The long awaited wedding day of Katelyn Teetzen and Keith Jashinsky was here.

The corn was tall, the fields were lush, the mason jars were filled with wildflowers ... the arch was ready, the Bible was open, the bride was beautiful ... 

Behind the scenes I was capturing the details of the bridesmaids helping Katelyn get dressed in the tent outside ... 

And emotions were running high ... for the bride and her bridesmaids, and mothers of the both the bride and the groom (Michelle and Donna) ...

The couple stood on opposite sides of a large tree where they couldn't see each other, but I could see them, reading letters they had written to each other to be read right before the ceremony. Emotions were running high here, too, for both Katelyn & Keith ... and also for the moms who were looking on from a distance. Then the bride's godfather and officiant for the ceremony, Pastor David Johnson, led the couple in prayer with the moms on either side ... and yes, Keith wiped away a few tears, too! It was definitely a day to keep the tissues handy!

By the time Katelyn's father, Bruce, walked her down the "aisle" of this beautiful outdoor ceremony and presented her to Keith, many women were thanking God for waterproof mascara in addition to the gorgeous weather and the blessings of this day!

It was a beautiful thing to see these two families coming together ... in faith and in love ... in the union of Katelyn & Keith.

"Oh, blest that house; it prospers well. In peace and joy the parents dwell, And in their children's lives is shown How richly God can bless His own." *

The bride and groom were definitely the stars of the show, but if this show had a co-star, it would have to be this little cutie, Claire ... the sweet little one Katelyn has known and cared for nearly all her life! Who could resist this adorable cuteness?

This farm was the perfect setting for a wedding ... and the romantic images that followed. Lots of little places where newlyweds can steal a kiss!

Then we were off to Shawano for a few images of Keith & Katelyn near the water ... and within walking distance from the couple's new home.

A few of my favorite details from this wedding ... in addition to all the mason jars and wildflowers, LOVE the use of the vintage dresser as a side table for the ceremony ... and always love Willow Tree figurines ... what a sweet cake topper this Willow Tree couple makes. So simple. So elegant. So them. 

The dance was held in a shed on property rather than the barn "proper" but with the addition of lights, lanterns, and a dance floor, it became an enchanting place for the couple's first dance!

A sunset walk hand in hand is just about the perfect end to a beautiful day for Mr. and Mrs. Keith & Katelyn Jashinsky!

* "Oh, Blest the House, Whate'er Befall" by Christoph C. L. von Pfeil, 1712-1784, Translated by Catherine Winkworth, 1829-1878

Wednesday, August 09, 2017
By Tina L. Scott
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What do you think of when you think of New Year's Eve? The ball dropping in Times Square in New York. Dick Clark. Party hats and balloons and streamers. Counting down the final seconds of one year ... out with the old ... and the cheers and joy of welcoming in a new year and all the promise that offers ... in with the new.

With the exception of Dick Clark and Times Square, Amber (Kottke) and Jacob Riemer had all of that and more on New Year's Eve 2016. They also had the love of family and friends surrounding them as they became husband and wife that day. Of course, we had to create an incredible image of the moment time transitioned from 2016 to 2017 at midnight and in the moments that followed ... this is one of those images where the story really can be told in a single iconic image.

But Amber & Jacob's story ... and the story of their love evidenced on their wedding day ... started long before midnight.

I met up with Amber and her bridesmaids at the 20th century farmhouse in Athens that Amber & Jacob purchased from Amber's maternal grandparents and are now making their own. It was the perfect place to capture pre-wedding emotions, getting ready photos, and some of the details of their home (which is also where they had their engagement photo shoot), especially with the family history of this place. It was also a beautiful setting for Amber's Dad, Kent's "first look" at his only daughter in her wedding gown! 

Holy Family Catholic Church in Poniatowski, Wisconsin, was the perfect setting for Amber & Jacob's wedding ceremony ... in so many ways! All the beautiful decorations from the Christmas season created a magical glow. And since this was my home church ... where I made my First Communion and Confirmation and have many other beautiful memories from my childhood, teen years, and early adult years ... it was extra special to me, too! I was truly blessed to be asked to photograph Amber & Jacob's wedding here!

After the ceremony, we returned to the farm property to create some special images of the newlyweds. One of my favorites is the intimate image created in the natural light in their living room in the very spot where hours earlier Amber's mom, Laura, had helped her into her wedding gown and veil as Amber Kottke. Now she was back in this same spot as Mrs. Jacob Riemer ... bathed in beautiful wraparound light and the glow of their love for one another. What a beautiful moment.


Other favorites include the American Gothic inspired image of the newlyweds on their front porch with a pitchfork and the images of Jacob carrying his bride over the threshold of their home!

Who could resist outdoor images in the snow on such a gorgeous winter day?! Not me! And not these newlyweds with their awesome, fun bridal party either! We had a blast with seasonally inspired images ... like mistletoe ... and just playing in the snow! Yes ... it was definitely freezing out ... (I kept saying, "Imagine yourself somewhere tropical and HOT!) ... but this is what you call freezing for a reason!

Then it was off to the reception, dinner, and dance ... at Rib River Ballroom in Marathon on the banks of the Big Rib River ... but before ducking into the hall for their grand entrance, we had to take advantage of one more photo opp! Photos in front of this amazing ice sculpture ... which the couple explained was created by local fire trucks emptying their water on the banks of the river. How cool is that?

And then glitter! Gotta love me some glitter! Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! Everyone loved the sparkle effect, although Jacob could have done without the glitter flying up into his eye! LOL (Remember that if you try to do an image like this!)

A hundred little details came together to create the perfect setting for a New Year's Eve wedding at this hall ... and I'd consider myself remiss if I didn't create images capturing the imagination, creativity, and sparkle of this New Year's Eve evening evidenced by so many of the little details that turned this space into a magical place! I hope you enjoy all the attention to detail as much as I did.


The rest of this New Year's Eve followed in a whirlwind ... with a delicious dinner (chicken, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and more!) that lived up to Rib River's reputation for excellent hearty food ... drinks ... dancing ... friends ... family ... and culminated in a countdown to midnight, a balloon drop, hats, noisemakers, kisses & hugs, and lots of resolutions to have an amazing new year ... and the iconic New Year's Eve wedding image I shared with you at the beginning of this blog. 

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob & Amber Riemer ... Wishing you many, many New Year's Eves together as husband and wife, and a lifetime filled with sparkle and love!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
By Tina L. Scott
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Second Shooting

In the wedding photography industry, "second shooter" is a term that refers to having a second photographer at a wedding. It's a great way to capture two viewpoints of the day's events as they unfold, have a photographer in two places at the same time when things are happening simultaneously in different locations, and to incorporate a wider range of artistic styles in the images the couple will have to remember their wedding day in photographs.

Most of the time, if you see images with my watermark on them, I was the primary photographer, and I generally have my own assistant along doing the second shooting/assisting. But every now and then I get the chance to be the second shooter for another photographer and her wedding clients, and I jump at the chance! I love the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective, to photograph in different venues, and to work with a colleague ... who often (if not already) quickly becomes a friend. And in an industry that pits many photographers against each other as competitors, and in a profession that is usually quite solitary, the friendship of photographer colleagues is a wonderful thing! 

When I am the second shooter, I often get to work with the groom and groomsmen capturing images of them getting ready or just hanging out prior to the wedding and blowing off a little nervous energy while the primary photographer photographs the bride and bridesmaids getting dressed and ready for the ceremony. For the processional, I get to be in back and witness those last moments between a bride and her father before they walk up the aisle and he gives her to her groom to become a married woman. During the ceremony, I get to shoot different angles ... the peripherals, if you will ... wide shots from the balcony of the church or candids of guests watching the ceremony or a second viewpoint during the exchange of vows and rings. 

Afterward, for group images of the family with the bride and groom, I get to assist ... helping to set up group shots and move people around for a pleasing composition, adjusting the bride's train, and looking for the little details we want to tweak to get the best images possible, while the primary photographer actually takes those photographs. Occasionally, the primary shooter asks me to take the actual photographs while she sets things up exactly the way she wants them. Of course, I help carry equipment and set up lights and watch the time to keep us on schedule. I love being in the role of helper and sometimes actually feel like I'm not sure what to do with my hands if I don't actually have a camera in them myself. But it's a great chance to view wedding photography from another perspective. And I love the feeling of being part of a team. And one of the best parts:  I often learn new things that make me a better photographer or more effective at my own weddings! I also enjoy sharing my ideas for shots, since during this hectic time, I have a little less stress and more of an opportunity to look around and imagine new possibilities. Collaboration is a wonderful thing. As photographers, those of us who embrace collaboration over competition find ourselves in a wonderful place as artists and expand our own vision tenfold. 

Once we get to photographing the wedding party and the bride and groom by themselves, second shooting is a great chance to capture unique angles or photographs that wouldn't be possible without a second camera. It's a really rushed and busy time trying to get a ton of great images in a short timeframe, but these photos are usually some of the most beautiful shots of the day and often the ones that get hung on the wall in the couple's home. I love being able to get a fresh perspective during this time! Ideas abound, two photographers often collaborate on ideas, and with two cameras firing, we get a great selection of images for the couple -- images the couple will cherish forever! And did I mention it's just plain fun?

At every step of the wedding day, as second shooter I get to step outside the pressure of being primary to see the day in a fresh, new way. I see and photograph little details for the couple's wedding album. I look for expressions on other faces (besides the bride and groom) and see the magic of the moment reflected there, and sometimes I get to photograph those expressions. I watch another photographer's creative process unfold. It's a great opportunity!

All of the images you see in this post are images I photographed as a second shooter at two weddings last summer (I am finally catching up on blog posts!) ... the wedding of Josh & Jodi Selig with Kristyn Skinner of Spotlight Studios in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and the wedding of Thomas & Andrea Franke with Laura Schmitt Hiller of Laura Schmitt Photography. Both of these beautiful women have awesome husbands who are normally their second photographers at weddings, but for one reason or another, they had to be somewhere else on these particular dates, and I was blessed with the opportunity to stand in for them and photograph with these two very talented photographers. Thank you for the opportunity, ladies! 

I was particularly "over the moon" thrilled to be able to photograph a wedding couple at the County Fair along with Kristyn ... and to find out that they shut down the Ferris wheel for 20 minutes to allow the wedding party to ride and be photographed exclusively on their wedding day. Now how incredibly awesome is that!??! And that opportunity added some very cool images to my portfolio! Thank you, Kristyn!

And to Laura ... thank you for allowing me to shoot with you again, this time at the beautiful St. Mary's church in Marathon. What a majestic and gorgeous church! My own aunt and uncle were married at St. Mary's many years ago, and I have been a guest at other family weddings there, but this is the first time I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding there. What a great experience! Thank you, Laura!

Basking in the glow of weddings and collaboration,