Photography by Tina

Planning a wedding is so exciting, but it can also be incredibly stressful! So many decisions to make and details to attend to. But it doesn't have to be! What if you met someone you could bounce ideas off of? Someone who loves weddings and has been involved in a LOT of them. Someone who knows great vendors and has lots of ideas and is willing to share that information with you. Someone who knows all about the details that go into creating your perfect wedding. Someone who wants to get to know you and help you create your dream wedding. Meet Tina.

Tina wants to help you do all of these things so all of those details will come together to showcase the story of your love on your wedding day. And then she wants to be there with you on your wedding day, as your photographer, to capture all of those details and the emotion of the day in images that will tell your story for generations to come.

Tina L. Scott, owner of Photography by Tina, is a Story Telling Wedding Photographer. It's what she does. Because it's important. She knows that our lives are made up of an infinite number of stories . . . but the story of your love . . . the story of your wedding day . . . is one of the most important stories in your life.

Get to know Tina as she gets to know you. Then trust her to tell your story ... through your wedding pictures.